HomeSouth LLC was established in 2011 to make land affordable for the average family. Though this company is newly established, the founder has over twenty years in this industry and like industries.

The vision in the late 1990's was to help people reach their dream of owning land. The founders of Land Bank LLC decided on a $500 down, $500 closing cost and 13% interest loan for the purchase of land in their inventory. The process has helped close to 150 families purchase land. In January of 2011 the founders came to a mutual decision to dissolve their longstanding business partnership to pursue different interest.

HomeSouth LLC now continues the tradition of making land affordable to all people. While the acreage available and price may vary our commitment to customer’s best interest will never waiver.

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Mailing Address: PO Box 8042, Montgomery, AL 36109  |   Sales Questions: 334-303-8799